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It’s sort of cute to see where to buy pro bowl jerseys Broncos coach John Fox taking chances.

But the fake punt with a 14-0 lead wasn’t really that buy 2015 pro bowl jerseys much of a chance, based on field position and his quarterback.

Fox is by nature one of the most conservative coaches in the cheap 2015 pro bowl jerseys league, who popularized the phrase “a punt is not a bad play,” when he was in Carolina.

So giving him too much credit for pro bowl 2015 jerseys for sale rolling the dice would probably be inaccurate, and his run-heavy game plans of late are a better indicator of his personality.

The Chiefs still don’t have a touchdown cheap pro bowl jerseys 2015 pass to a wide receiver.

And if that doesn’t change, they won’t have much of a chance in the postseason,if they get that far.

Sunday was a perfect example of the can you buy pro bowl jerseys problems they have when they fall behind, as they’re simply not built to score in a hurry or move the ball downfield in chunks.

As charming as their old-school approach is, it doesn’t create much of a margin of error. And when a few things go wrong at once as they did early in this one, they’re simply not equipped to pro bowl football jerseys hang around with more talented teams.